We believe in something bigger than ourselves. We are aware that this kind of motivation is self-sustaining. We are committed to improving our customers’ business by delivering transformational connectivity and open-community models with transparent value in all directions.

Our Difference

Livn is a travel technology company providing Software as a Service (SaaS) and multi-layered distribution. We built an Open Connectivity Hub for creators and sellers of tours, activities and attractions.

We service the tourism industry with two different solutions:

Livn for operators: Livn is Google’s official global connectivity partner in their latest ‘Things to do’ program. We are helping small, medium, and large operators drive more direct bookings to their own website, all straight from Google Search results. Through the program, operators gain greater control over their content, pricing, and distribution.

Livn for distributors: Through a single integration with the Livn API, our partners connect to day and multi-day experiences from all over the globe. Our technology creates a single connection between reseller platforms and 30+ global tour reservations systems who each house a large number of individual operators, streamlining the reservation process from start to finish. We harmonise the content from these sources and offer live pricing, availability and bookings via what is an emerging industry standard.

Livn is purely B2B (business-to-business). Our product range enhances customer experience, allowing you to protect and build your brand as well as create a new revenue stream for your business.

Our Story

The tours, activities and attractions space is one of the most vibrant and consumer engaged sectors of the travel industry, yet one of the most fragmented in terms of structured access.

We have been focused on solving the sectors business challenges since 2011. Steve Martinez, Livn’s Founder, was working for a large activity ballooning, rafting and boat operator. Every year he would have to update global channel partners with new pricing, departure days and tour information, but technical shortcomings did not allow for any of this to be communicated efficiently. The growing list of channel partners was forcing the update of a variety of spreadsheets, extranets and manual bookings (via phone and email).

Steve believed that any operator should be able to inexpensively and easily harness technology to distribute their product globally, without geographical barrier. Livn was created to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of tours, activities and attractions.

Since 2012, Livn has invested heavily in its technology platform, content enrichment activities in addition to its customer onboarding and support processes. Through this period of investment and innovation, we have focused on removing integration barriers and financially burdensome intermediary costs, ensuring we provide demonstrable value and opportunity for our partners to fuel their success – transforming how businesses connect, integrate and transact.

Our Mission

To transform the way the tours, activities & attractions industry connects and interacts.

Livn provides services that are reliable, intuitive, cost-effective and relevant, enabling the removal of integration barriers.

We focus on continuous improvement. Our team harnesses the power and scale of our global API based connectivity along with the associated domain knowledge gained over many years of toil. We engage, decipher, transform and delight.

Our Vision

To be a tech facilitator enabling distribution and access management between sellers and creators of tours, activities & attractions.

Our Values

Dream big with passion

Dare to lead

See. Feel, think customer

Be true

Organize and protect

Embrace diversity and enjoy working together

The Leadership Team

The Livn leadership team have a wealth of experience working across the tech and travel sectors.

They are determined to deliver world-class solutions that deliver business success for Livn’s partners through innovative and clever technology.

Steve Martinez
Founder & CCO

Aleta Hunt
Head of Partnership

Hans Jagla

Andreas Klein
Lead Developer

David Skinner