Attractions and ticket providers

We facilitate direct bookings for attraction providers by enhancing your OFFICIAL SITE button and giving you more exposure on Google. 

Our role is to send users directly to your website to complete the transaction. 

Increase your direct traffic with Google 'Things to do'

How it works

When a user searches for an attraction on Google, Google Search results generate an aggregated view of booking options for those businesses, with the price and a booking link. 

Attraction businesses now have visibility over who is selling their entry tickets and for how much. 

They can also differentiate themselves from resellers as they are the only ones who can claim and enhance their “official site” button. 

As a connectivity partner, we can assist you in taking further control of your listing by helping you to: 

  • Add product prices 

  • Offer more than one ticket option

  • Identify your website traffic 

  • Determining the correct landing page for your customers to complete the booking

These features can only be activated by the attraction themselves through one of Google's official connectivity partners. You can't do it through your 'Google My Business' or by email.

Users will be able to clearly identify it is your site and are more likely to book with you. 

Google Maps

Did you know Google is now allowing users to purchase tickets through Google Maps?

When a user searches your attraction for directions on Google Maps, your place card shows on screen giving your business information. Now, users can also see a list of admission ticket options. 

When you publish your products on Google Things to do via Livn, you are doubling your direct traffic across Google Search and Google Maps.

The program allows you to reduce commissions and paid advertising costs by having a stronger presence on Google.  

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What do our customers have to say?

We have used Google’s ‘Things to do’ to leverage our online searches and drive more direct bookings to streamline our customer journey. The program has become the second-largest channel to our website, with 72% of the traffic generating new users.

Luke Reilly

Some of our Attractions Partners