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Revisiting Data and why it is a powerful tool in 2023

Earlier this year, we delved into Data; as trends moving online and

How Travel Technology is Promoting Sustainability for Tours, Activities & Attractions

The dark side of tourism shows that travellers generate around 1.3

Podcast (PART 2) - Bringing Value to The Experiences Economy

With dynamic pricing becoming more prevalent in the experiences

Podcast (PART 1) - Bringing Value to The Experiences Economy

Steve Martinez and Richard Taylor talk about bringing value to the

A Technical Perspective on Livn’s Enhanced API - with Livn CTO, Hans Jagla

The time frame is early 2019, and after 20+ integrations with diverse

Happy Sydney WorldPride 2023 - 6 Ways Operators can create a Positive Experience for LGBTQ+ Travellers

Today marks the first day of Sydney WorldPride. We here at Livn show

Why Data is a powerful tool for Operators in 2023

Online and mobile booking rising trends are set to continue in 2023,

Livn brings Suppliers and Resellers together in real-time

Traveller needs are changing. They are expecting more from their

Registration requirements guide for Google 'Things to do'

The rapid growth of digital presence in the experiences sector has