Livn joins IAAPA Webcast to showcase Google ‘Things to do’ for Attractions Operators

Aleta Hunt (Livn Head Of Partnerships) and Brian Hutchins (Livn Sales Manager - USA & Canada)  joined Bethany Graham from IAAPA (The Global Association for the Attractions Industry) for their first webcast. 

It was an exciting opportunity to discuss the value of Google’s ‘Things to do’ program with IAAPA’s members and guests across their regions. 

Aleta led the webcast through an in-depth presentation of not only the benefits of ‘Things to do’, but a step-by-step walkthrough of the process. This allowed everyone to see the experience and purchase journey from a customer’s perspective and what exactly is needed to get started as an attractions business on Google’s ‘Things to do’. 

After sharing insights on the Livn publishing portal, and exactly how Livn is powering the ‘Official Site’ button, Brian facilitated a Q&A with members and guests, who did not disappoint. 

Some of the popular questions and answers included: 

Q: Does the program support dynamic pricing and multiple ticket options? 

A: Yes, multiple ticket types and dynamic pricing can be shown, but there needs to be a ‘from adult price’ available for each product. 

Q: How does placement work with OTA listings? Can they be removed from the listing altogether?

A: Currently, placement is price-driven, but as Livn only facilitates the official site button in order to have an OTA removed, you would need to have a commercial discussion with the OTA directly. 

Q: Is the ‘Things to do’ program in Australia only? 

A: No, it’s a global initiative, and pricing is automatically converted to the region. 

To watch the full webcast and Q&A recording, please see below:

A big thank you to IAAPA for allowing us to join as an education partner.