Livn brings Suppliers and Resellers together in real-time

Traveller needs are changing. They are expecting more from their digital experiences, including increased flexibility, personalisation, seamless booking, and customer management process. And as a result, the tours, activities and attractions vertical is growing more complex with increasing customer demand for real-time availability and bookings. 

Tour product structures and pricing configurations are also becoming more dynamic, creating a wider gap between buyers and sellers of these products.  

Livn’s new enhanced Reseller API (application programming interface) is now live and tackles these challenges head-on, allowing travellers, tour operators, travel agents and resellers to connect directly with each other through one convenient solution. 

The result? A more dynamic API already integrated with 20+ tour reservation systems, allowing higher product reach and flexibility to expand and scale. A solution that streamlines the booking process from start to finish and caters for any experience type, including attractions, tours, activities, events, well-being, and live events.

Steve Martinez, Founder & CCO at Livn spoke of the latest update, saying, "Livn's mission has always been to be a tech facilitator enabling distribution and access management between buyers and sellers of tours, activities and attractions. We are constantly looking for ways to do this effectively. Our enhanced API capabilities continue to make us the single most trusted choice to facilitate tour distribution."

Not all reservation and inventory systems offer the same information, which is why the Livn content team ensures all products provide the necessary information, such as metadata, geolocation, images, terms & conditions, and cancellation policy. Resellers are guaranteed that all products will behave identically regardless of which reservation system they originated from.

The Livn API was created to keep up with the ever-changing connector landscape, observing best practices and remaining compatible with common and emerging standards. It’s easy to implement and provides reports and data insights for the procurement, accounting, and quality assurance teams. 

CTO, Hans Jagla led the development and roll out of the enhanced API, and says, “The rigid structure, one workflow fits all approach that many were adopting was not going to age well into the future. We wanted to create a solution that was able to handle complex products and promote internal efficiencies. We have created a robust, sophisticated, scalable, and enterprise-ready solution for resellers”.

The technology infrastructure enables developers to connect their existing sales platforms via a single integration with the Livn API, allowing for new efficiencies and multi-channel sales competitiveness.

Travel companies can choose to connect to their preferred tour operators under their current commercial agreements or use Livn’s existing pre-negotiated rates for selected global products. 

Livn is purely business-to-business and their connectivity roadmap is customer-driven. Its hands-on approach means support at every step of the way, including a dedicated integration and certification team, onboarding and product content teams, and technical support. Livn also offers an initial implementation planning assistance and business case analysis to ensure product fit and the best return on investment for their clients. 

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