Livn’s new Google ‘Things to do’ website and Facebook

Livn’s going global to scale and reach as many operators as possible by building expert teams in the UK, USA and Canada!

After joining the early phases of Google’s ‘Things to do’ (GTTD) program as a partner, Livn has already onboarded hundreds of global operators to the program. Since then, attractions operators have reported thousands of users being directed to their website through the ‘Things to do’ platform, with up to 15% of these users completing purchases commission-free. 

As registration opens for tour operators, Livn is responding in force by launching a dedicated website at, Facebook page, and expanding the team to meet demand. The purpose is to inform, educate, and support the growing number of operators under their wing.

Livn’s approach is consultative, which requires direct engagement with every participant in the ecosystem, including Tourism Boards, DMO’s, Advertising Agencies, Trade Events, and Tour Operators. By adding a call centre to support the growing teams across Australia, UK, USA and Canada, the goal is simple – to help travel businesses understand the ‘Things to do’ program and get maximum exposure on Google. 

The new dedicated website will cater to two core audiences. The first are attractions and ticket businesses that offer single or multiple locations like zoos, aquariums and stadiums. The second is the latest addition to the ‘Things to do’ program which are tours and activities operators offering products like wine tasting, sightseeing or guided tours. 

Livn CEO, Mark Rizzuto explains how Google’s ‘Things to do’ has changed the landscape for smaller operators. He said, “previously searches involving smaller tour companies would take users off to places like and Expedia. When they completed the booking, these smaller business operators would then lose 30% of their product pricing via commission payments to a large OTA.” 

He shared, “By expanding our offering, we’re giving operators resources that enable a far better model. Through ‘Things to do’, they will have significantly greater control of their distribution and pricing strategy.”

As Rizzuto mentions, through the Livn partnership, tour operators won’t have to pay commission, transaction fees, or cost-per-click on sales. Instead, they can choose a monthly publishing plan suited to their business, with the first month free as part of a current offer.

But, in addition to the revenue upside against the marginal cost, the ‘Things to do’ program will also deliver value by creating a competitive presence on Google despite an operator’s size. Increased discoverability to publish products alongside relevant Points of Interest with direct booking links to their website means improving profit margins and regaining brand control. 

Livn’s commitment to helping businesses recover and build resilience is evident in the resources and focus it is placing on the Google ‘Things to do’ project. The hope is that operators will face a level playing field in the future with more control over their business. 

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