Optimise your 'Things to do' profile

Livn will be by your side throughout your journey as you move towards the world of open-access tools in the travel and tourism industry. 

While we provide you the backend support to eliminate your dependence on online travel intermediaries, there are some things you would be doing on your own. This involves populating the landing page associated with your profile with relevant information. The aim here is to give you complete control of some crucial aspects of your business - distribution, content, and pricing. We have compiled a list of things you must keep in mind while creating this content.


Nobody knows your business as you do. This also means that people would only see what you show them. Ensure that the information you put on your landing page is clear, correct, and up to date. Think of all the details that would make a difference to potential customers. 

Highlight your unique selling proposition, talk about what makes you stand out in your competitive landscape, your business hours, or even easy-to-find contact information like emails and phone numbers. To make navigation easier, include tabs or links to your landing page so that the customer can browse through your service bouquet. 


The quality of content on a website does not just refer to grammatically correct sentences; it also includes many tools that help the Google algorithm ensure you pop up in the right search results. This is done by using the right keywords, using the principles of search engine optimization (SEO), and marking your business under the relevant points of interest (even multiple, if need be), among other ways. 

Search results are compiled based on keywords, meta tags, and SEO. Using the right words in your URL, and description of the landing page can improve your discoverability. You can also create a blog section that helps you upload content relevant to your business and bring up your SEO score. You can use several tools to ensure that your website is technically sound in all these aspects.


While powerful words have their impact, nothing can convey a message more clearly than a picture. Moving pictures are even better storytellers. This is especially true for the travel and tourism industry that thrives on selling experiences, and they also help grab the attention of your website visitors instantaneously compared to words. 

Like prose, the images have SEO texts and keywords associated with them. If used correctly, they can help your pictures and videos rank higher in Google image searches, thus increasing downstream traffic to your website. Everything from the size of the image, title, caption, and description factor into these rankings.


By the very nature of the product, booking details on your 'Things to do' profile would be updated constantly. However, it becomes your responsibility to make any relevant changes known to people who land on your website. Whether it is temporary unavailability of services due to any reason, your contact details or business hours for grievance redressal - any information that can impact the customers should be updated by you on the landing page. 

Having wrong or outdated information on your website can result in losing potential customers as they might look at such a business as being unprofessional or shady. Essentially, this would undo all the hard work you have put into creating the website and your 'Things to do' profile.


A business's words about itself can be regarded as marketing their wares. However, when the exact words come from a paying customer, other potential customers are more likely to trust them. It would help if you proactively pursued travelers to share their experiences based on your services. It can significantly improve your standing in the eyes of potential customers. 

It would help if you displayed testimonials on your landing page. If there are reviews that talk about a shortcoming or grievances, you must politely address them. Please rectify what the customer found amiss and let the person know, thanking them for helping you improve your service.


You can fill up a simple form to partner with Google in creating an ad. All the information you have provided in your 'Things to do' profile can be used in Google ads. The most important aspect of this service is that the ad appears right below the search box, above the other organic results for the search. This is a paid service, though, so you must be mindful of whether your budget allows it.


These are just a few ways to help Google take note of your online footprint and include it in its relevant search results. Before content creation, you might want to go through the necessary policies

Our team will assist you in all the technical aspects of the process. It is also recommended that you ensure your website content is technically sound. Being on top of some easy-to-miss practices can go a long way in bringing you repeat customers.