‘Things to do’ joins Google Maps for Attractions Operators

Since the launch of Google's 'Things to do’ program, Livn and Google’s partnership allows operators to remain competitive and gain more direct traffic and bookings from Google search results. In a significant step forward, Google now allows users to purchase tickets through Google Maps. 

In this post, we will discuss what this means for attractions operators, how this works, and what it looks like. 

‘Things to do’ & Google Maps - How it Works

When a user searches your attraction for directions on Google Maps, your place card shows on-screen, giving your business information. Now, users can also see a list of admission ticket options, allowing them to click through and book directly on your site.

Leveraging This Opportunity for Attractions

When you publish your products on Google ‘Things to do’ via Livn, you are becoming more discoverable on Google and Google Maps while doubling your potential traffic. As you own your product listing, users are taken directly to your website to book, with no commission rates chipping away your profit. 

Enrolling in the ‘Things to do’ program also means complete control over your products and brand without relying on an OTA to publish for you.

Plus, you get access to our expert account managers for support in publishing your products and how to better appear in search results. Partnering with Livn means  no commission, transaction, or cost-per-click to pay, just a monthly subscription that suits you and your business. 

Tours & Activities Are Coming to Google Maps

Right now, the ‘Things to do’ program is available for tours, activities and attractions operators. But the latest advancement with Google Maps is only open to attractions operators. That said, we expect the opportunity to be available for tours and activities soon. 

As the program keeps evolving there is no better time to start taking advantage of it today.  It will mean you get a first-mover advantage over your competition and remove the middle-man costs from your online bookings.

How to Get Started?

If you’re ready to leverage the benefits of the program, it takes less than a minute to register for Google’s ‘Things to do’ here: https://go.livn.world/register